Bonanno Real Estate Group began over 110 years ago as a construction company. In the late 1920’s, they played a significant role in the development of industrial landscape of Northern New Jersey. Bonanno Brothers Construction Company developed one of the first Industrial Parks in New Jersey, along what is now referred to as the Tonnelle Avenue corridor in Northern Hudson County and Southern Bergen County. The new factories and warehouses that they built caught the attention of the businesses trapped in New York City. It was during this period that the historic industrial migration began. Businesses left the city to the relocate in new state of the art facilities that Bonanno was building across the Hudson River. Bonanno Brothers quickly earned a reputation for high quality construction and an equally high level of integrity in their business dealings. Their impressive list of satisfied customers continued to grow as Northern New Jersey continued develop. It was not until the mid 1970’s that the Construction Company was phased out and the emphasis shifted entirely to real estate.

Today, the Bonanno Real Estate Group limited partnerships own over one million square feet of warehouse space and industrial buildings in Northern New Jersey. Their buildings are home to a diverse selection of businesses, including Fortunue 500 Companies, national “brand name” companies and many of the privately owned companies that are such a significant part of the commerce of the Metropolitan New York area. Some of these companies have been Bonanno tenants for over fifty years. The properties in the portfolio are buildings that Bonanno originally built. They remain desirable because they enjoy strategic locations and are well maintained. Today, Bonanno Real Estate Group enjoys the same reputation for quality buildings and old fashioned integrity in business dealings that contributed to their success in the late 1920s. The partnership remains entirely family owned and consists of third and fourth generation descendants of the founder of Bonanno Brothers Construction, Vincent Bonanno.